What's There For You?

What's There For You?

The Hive has much to offer everyone who walks through its doors. It will have a range of spaces within the five storeys to complement all purposes - from intensive quiet study to group work discussions, from meeting rooms to more relaxed environments for a catch up.

It includes the City and University libraries, a History floor and a one-point customer service centre with information points all around the building.

Whether you're on your own, with work, university, local history group or school colleagues, meeting friends here or looking for something to do with the children, there's plenty to explore in the building and on site. There will be something to suit you whatever your reason for coming in.

There will be a variety of refreshments available so you can grab a coffee or cake whilst at the centre.

Take a look below to find out more about some of the many activities you can do whilst in the centre and what's there for you…

Children's activities

A magical children's library; thousands of archives to discover; spaces to get creative and theatrical; a Heritage Trail to explore; a huge range of books, audiotapes and DVDs conjuring up alternative worlds to get lost in; enticing exhibitions and events; the latest technology to try out - just a few of the treasures that children can find within the centre.

Young people of all ages can explore archaeology and history through quests, hidden clues, puzzles and electronic resources.  They will discover what the Romans were doing on this site and investigate the stories of people who lived in the Victorian Almshouses, through real artefacts, historic documents and old maps.

An exciting and diverse "garden" will include a variety of plants and wildlife, many of which are signature to the local area, and a Heritage Trail around the building which explains the history of Worcestershire. A specially designed outside Island will provide a refreshing alternative to the classroom, or a place where children can simply play.

The range of activities available through the four floors of the centre, coupled with a fantastic outside space, will encourage children of all ages to return time and time again, continuously  coming back to discover more.

The school curriculum will be linked with our facilities, so that teachers can bring their pupils to the centre and make the most of the diverse services within the building.

One programme has already been designed around the history of paper, with a mix of hands-on activities and theory-based knowledge to help Key Stage 2 pupils get a real perspective around the subject.

Two research projects for older students are also being developed, linking in to Worcestershire entrepreneurs.

The curriculum resource area will make it easy for parents and carers to help their children with the subjects they are studying at school.
With wet and dry learning spaces, there will be a dedicated area for classes as well as coat and lunchbox storage – practicalities that will help visits to run smoothly.

Books, DVDs and study resources

As the first fully integrated University and public library, Archaeology Service and Record Office in Europe, The Hive will offer an amazing variety of resources for readers, hobbyists, writers, researchers and students of all ages.

There will be around a quarter of a million books available to you, so whether you are looking for a holiday read, a book to challenge you, a text to help your research on a specific subject or your local area, or a new novel to take along to your book club, The Hive will be the place to visit.

An extensive range of electronic publications, databases, maps, catalogues, journals and multi-media can also be accessed.

You can borrow DVDs, audiotapes and collections from the music library - which loans out vocal scores, band, chamber and orchestral in the country and covers a wide range of music from carols to operas and symphonies.

Our quick browser sections and self-service machines will make it even easier for you to pick up and take away the best reads, essential course or private research texts or must-have films.

You will be able to find a comfortable place to study in the centre, from the informal on the lower ground area by the café, to the silent study rooms on the top floor of the building.

Wireless will be available throughout the building, as well as computers to log onto so that you can access the e-resources and search the Internet. We will provide everyone with modern, state-of-the-art resources to help and support them in achieving their goals.

Academic Liaison Librarians and History specialist staff can help you search the academic journals and other resources. A range of screen casts, short videos and user guides have been prepared and we will also offer one-to-one and small group sessions to help you make the most of the library databases, collections and other resources.

Archaeology and Archives

                                                                The joining of the Archaeology and Archive services on the History floor of The Hive means that for the first time people can investigate all the records of Worcestershire's past in one place.

We hold over 26,000 records of archaeological sites, ancient monuments and buildings in Worcestershire and 12 miles of original documents. The history floor gives you access to information on Worcestershire, from after the last Ice Age to the present day, brought to life using the latest technologies.

Whether you have been working on a project in depth for a while and want some advice on how to delve deeper, or are at the beginning of your search – or somewhere in between – our resources will be able to help you.  

Advice and information

The Hive will be a great place to find out more about Worcestershire, for everyone who has lived here for years, for people who are new to the area, and for tourists and visitors to the region.

Interactive maps of the building will help you find your way around, and staff will be on each floor to assist you, using the latest technology to offer excellent customer service and communication.

If you want advice and information about council services in the County and districts, the Worcestershire Hub in the building can provide face-to-face help with issues such as paying your council tax, claiming benefits, and applying for parking permits.

Regular training sessions and workshops will be available so that you can develop your skills in a number of areas, from basic IT workshops to more in-depth training and adult learning opportunities.

Academic Liaison Librarians can help you search the academic journals and resources, and have developed a range of screencasts and short videos to assist with using the online resources. (They will be able to help you out with evaluating information for your studies.)

Specialist staff with experience in archives and archaeology will also be based at the Hive. They can offer advice on, for example, how to find out more about your family history or starting a research project or the archaeological implications of a planning application and help with environmental stewardship or woodland grant scheme applications.

Established businesses, and those looking to set up a business, will all benefit from the services in The Hive. Business information will include access to market research, together with business publications, databases, advice, and networking opportunities, and we will work closely with the Chamber of Commerce and the University of Worcester Business School.

Exhibitions, events, talks and meetings

You can attend a variety of events at The Hive, some of which will link in with local, national and international events, such as Black History Month and National Health Week.
Workshops and training sessions will also be a regular feature within the centre, helping everyone to learn new skills and develop.

Multi-function rooms will be available with conferencing and plasma screen facilities, so The Hive will be a great place to host a meeting, whether it be a weekly society meeting, an occasional discussion forum or a big corporate event. Rooms will be available to book for regular or occasional use.

The business centre will help established businesses, and those looking to set up a business, linking with the Chamber of Commerce and the University of Worcester Business School. Business information will include access to market research, together with business publications, databases, advice, and networking opportunities.

From the formal to the informal – as well as fully accommodating rooms, there is also plenty of space for a more personal meeting – you can grab a one-to-one and coffee with your tutor or work mate, or find somewhere to show your plans and share your ideas with a group.

A variety of talks will be hosted in the building, including author visits and guest speakers from University and from archivists and archaeologists. Whether you are searching for information for an essay, looking for inspiration on how to interest your class about a certain topic, or want to find out how to research your family or local history, these talks will be a great starting point.

Arts events and exhibitions will be hosted in The Hive, including an exhibition of records and archaeology relating to the rich history of the site beneath The Hive. This exhibition will be hosted at the centre for its opening in July 2012.


12 miles of archive collections

A quarter of a million books

800 study stations

Over 26,000 records of historic monuments and buildings

Anticipating over a million visitors per year

10,000m2 of public space, over five floors 

Landmark design

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