Your Involvement?

Your Involvement?

To get to the stage we're at now, we've needed ideas and feedback from you along the way. Since the Government announced funding for the project in August 2005, a number of public consultation exercises have been carried out, including the 'What Makes Worcestershire Distinctive' A-Z workshops; question and answer sessions about the project; project plans viewings; and stakeholder meetings.

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High-quality digital technology -
Providing high-quality technology in the new centre was seen as a must for several people during the big jigsaw puzzle activities that took place between September and November 2005. Since then, the IT team for the project have hosted trial sessions for a range of audiovisual equipment.

In November 2009, local schoolchildren were amongst the groups who tested out some of this equipment, offering their views on which they liked best. Based on this feedback, the IT team have continued researching into the most popular equipment and the possibilities for use within the new building.

 Social study environment -   The social study areas have been adapted due to students' feedback, and will now include a wider variety of furniture, such as hard-wired informal study tables, so that students and researchers have more choice of study environment.    
    Outside space

         A number of people voiced the idea of making the most of outside space. Through this, the Design Team have added a dynamic multi-purpose Island for children, offering a refreshing alternative to the classroom and a place to play on too. The Project Team are also developing a Heritage Trail, which will surround the outside area and pinpoint different history facts about the region. The external landscape of the site has been changed significantly to include two large meadows. Plants and trees signature to Worcestershire will thrive in this environment, encouraging wildlife to inhabit the grounds.

Comments about the project

Nicola Dandridge, Chief Executive of Universities UK:

"I think the partnership at the new library will be excellent at breaking down barriers...
                                                                         it will bring people and students into the community"


Consultation exercises

  • The Citizens Panel
  • Crowngate Shopping Centre (2)
  • Arts Workshop
  • What does Worcestershire mean to you? (A-Z)
  • Children's Workshop
  • Redefining Library Services
  • Independent Consultation (BMG)
  • Crowngate Shopping Centre (1) 
  • Citizen's Panel
  • Jigsaw Puzzle

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