Stone turret marks latest stage of Hive's development

Stone turret marks latest stage of Hive's development

A stone turret called Story Island, is the latest addition to The Hive as construction work on the landmark building draws to a close.

The Island is part of a new 'green space' surrounding the new library and history centre, which is being planted to reflect the environment and heritage of the City.


The 'turret' features three well established Scots Pine trees. These were traditionally used to mark the routes of drover's roads leading into market towns, like Worcester. The island is a specially designed outdoor classroom with wifi, accessed directly from the children’s library on the first level. This offers young people the chance to take their books outside and enjoy the views over the river Severn.


A swathe of native trees, which have been planted in the green space in front of The Hive, have been chosen to reflect the ancient landscape of the river Severn. Included are willows, alder and black poplar. Willows were used for making baskets, fencing and fish traps, and also support the sustainable design and features of the building as they can be chipped for use in The Hive's biomass boilers if needed.


Alder wood was used for charcoal making and tanning and the rare black poplar is a distinctive local tree. This swathe of trees merges with an area of meadowland planted with a rich mix of flowers and grasses. Mulberries and quinces are being planted, which were grown in medieval gardens in Worcester though are relatively rare now. The planting scheme as a whole reflects the past landscape of town and country in Worcestershire, and is based on local historical and archaeological knowledge.


The turret and other areas feature built-in archaeological objects and architectural fragments from the excavation that took place on the site, prior to the start of building work.


Visitors can wander through this green haven, and discover the past landscape through tours and activities. School parties will enjoy a range of specially designed activities within the building and landscape.


Strategic Design Manager Iain Paul said: "The trees are the latest step in The Hive's journey to completion and provide an oasis of green in this city centre location."

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